Winds of Change

June 10th. 2022
"Winds of Change" National Group Exhibition
A selection of artwork from participating artists.
Donna Kooyman
"It’s all a blur"
Allison Gaughan
"Walking on Water"
Gino Castellanos
Justin Barfield
The Dirge
Deborra Bohrer
"Finding the Horizon"
Ashlyn McCall
"The Fog Creeps In"
Julie Rumsey
Where The Wind Blows
Connie Renner
"Lemmon Tree"
 Steve Sorensen
"A Hard Snow"
Jack Straton
" Veiled Mt Hood"
Elizabeth Kayl
"Shadowed Forecast"
Dave Hansen
"Winds of Change"
Preston Craig
"What Fools!"
Rena Vandewater
" Vineyards"
Bonnie Rice
Egger's Farm "Carrot Seed"
Amy Hopkins
"Golden Leaves"
Robert Jeffrey
"Aqua Series I"

Chris Derbidge
Dwight Coburn