competition rules

Notification : Artists will be notified approximately three (3) weeks after the deadline in an email about the selection status of their entries. 
Rules of Entry :  Work must have been created within the last two years. All work exhibited must be available for purchase and no pre-sales are allowed. Sale price is set by the artist. Deep Yellow will retain 30% of the set price if the artist is accepted for the online exhibit. Accepted works must remain on display for the entire duration of the exhibition and will not be available for pick up until the day after the exhibition ends. The artist is responsible for shipment of artwork to the show. Unsold artwork will be repacked and returned to the artist in the same shipping container as received. Artist must supply the prepaid return shipping label in the box the art was shipped in. The curator has the right to no accept artwork submitted or to remove items from the show for any reason at any time. The results of the selection process are final. No refunds will be made on unaccepted entries. Artist are not guaranteed to be asked back to the show. 
Artwork cannot be copied from copywritten material. Work may not have been done in a class or workshop. Reference material belonging to the sole artist only.
Work must be the same work represented by the submitted digital images. No altered digital images may be submitted. Work must be the size represented in the submission form.  Artist agrees to abide by deadlines and stipulations set forth and understand that failure to provide materials on time may result in the removal of pieces from the show; exclusion from marketing materials, buyer's guide, advertisements, print and online publications, website; and exclusion from participating in previews or other marketing events. Multiples of Artwork ("Multiples"): Multiples / Editioned work is permitted for hand pulled prints including etchings, reduction wood or lino cut pieces and other similar artwork, photographs, and bronze sculptures. If the Artist submits work to be sold in Multiples, they shall clearly indicate edition numbers for the Artwork as well as the total number of pieces from the edition that will be available to sell.
Framing and Presentation:
Framing is not necessary if it is an online exhibit only. If pieces are not framed, please reflect that when pricing your work. Work may still be sold in our online gallery.  If the artist indicates a frame then they must ship the piece with a frame to the buyer.
Prices for artwork indicated at the time of submission may not be re-negotiated at a later date. Submitted pieces may be used as promotional material by Deep Yellow. Information on work(s) (including title and price) may not be changed after submission.  
Liability : Legal Agreement and Participant’s Waiver: Submission of work automatically waives any claim for damage or loss against Deep Yellow, including the members, employees, agents and volunteers. The artist is responsible to ship the artwork within a week of the sale. The artist is responsible for handling all their own artwork.  The shipping price will have been indicated on entry form previous to showing. Deep Yellow will not assume any liability for loss or damage while in shipping or at any other time. Work should be independently insured by the artist.

Usage Rights: The artist retains all copyright interests or claims that they have in their art. By submitting images, you give Deep Yellow the right to use and reproduce the images to market and document the exhibition, and to enable the image to be part of an online exhibition where the artwork may be listed for sale. Artist consents to the use of his or her name and /or images of himself or herself, and /or any Artwork the Artist has created by Deep Yellow Corporation in publicity materials, including, but no limited to, advertisements, printed materials, websites and social media. Artist represents and warrants Deep Yellow that all artworks artist provides for display and auction will be originally created by Artist and shall not infringe upon or violate the copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third party and artist has all necessary rights to enter into and perfom the Agreement.

Terms and Conditions: Deep Yellow reserves the right to adjust any deadline(s) as the result of causes beyond its immediate control. Payment of the submission fee indicates acknowledgement of all terms and conditions.   To Enter scroll down below! We are excited to have you participate!

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